Day #13: Why I will keep coming back to Memphis

In lieu of my recent move back to Memphis from New Orleans (since I’m subleasing my room in NOLA to another Venture for America fellow for a couple months in order to save some money), I wanted to share this story I wrote about Memphis in 2016. Although I have many more extensive thoughts onContinue reading “Day #13: Why I will keep coming back to Memphis”

Day #8: Vote

I’ve never been someone to talk much about politics at all, especially publicly. I was raised by my parents to not talk about religion or politics with other people because it might lead to disagreements or arguments. It was a faux pas and something I did my best to keep to myself. While I’m notContinue reading “Day #8: Vote”

In second year, Okeechobee still looking for place amongst festivals

* This article was originally published in the FSView in 2017. Since I’m still figuring out how to incorporate this challenge into my daily routines, I wanted to at least get something out there that I think is bearable to read! Hope you enjoy this throwback to B.C. (Before COVID) days. * Sometimes you justContinue reading “In second year, Okeechobee still looking for place amongst festivals”