Day #8: Vote

I’ve never been someone to talk much about politics at all, especially publicly.

I was raised by my parents to not talk about religion or politics with other people because it might lead to disagreements or arguments. It was a faux pas and something I did my best to keep to myself.

While I’m not one to post about all of my political views, I wanted announce publicly: I voted earlier this week!

It was quick, easy, and I went with a couple New Orleans friends (shoutout Caroline and Natasha!) to the Smoothie King Center. And I’m so relieved to now have it behind me and have time to help other people potentially go to the polls

(Left to right) Me, Natasha Cox, and Caroline Lutkewitte after casting our votes on the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

Growing up, I knew some families that talked politics together and I always found it so fascinating. While I don’t fully agree with the principle of not talking politics or religion (I think it’s important to have these discussions), I do think that it made me sensitive to hear other opinions out, ask questions, and listen to someone else’s views before talking about my personal views.

Politics is one of those things that everyone is raised differently on. However, I do think we are all united on one front: we want what’s best for the country but that looks different for every single person.

Regardless of your views during this divisive time, I hope you take the time to make it out the polls. Having the privilege to have a say in who runs our government is something not to take lightly.

While I’ve never been someone to voice my political opinions in public, I recognize the immense importance of politics and voting. The fact that we live in a democracy where all of this is possible is amazing and something I definitely take for granted (but not this week!). Furthermore, I wanted to vote early because it gives me a chance to get the word out for other people to vote too. It’s a relief knowing that my vote is out there and I can focus my energy towards making a difference in the next couple of weeks.

I’m not trying to convince anyone of who they should vote for because that’s pointless. At this point, I think everyone knows where they stand. And if you know me well, you probably know where I stand too. Either way, I sincerely think that whoever you’re voting for, you should make it out to the polls so we have an accurate representation of what our country really thinks and believes.

If you are voting in Louisiana, I was shared this voting guide before I went to the polls and I highly recommend it. Educate yourself before you go vote – there’s more to this election than just the presidential nomination. It’s all important. Check out the guide HERE.

Cheers to keeping democracies alive and well,


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