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Baer Necessities Newsletter (2/28/21) – Diving Down the NFT Rabbit Hole

Howdy friends. Writing to 135 of you from mi casa in Memphis! This is The Baer Necessities. It’s where I share the coolest things I’m learning every week on work, life, & the journey along the way. I hope you’re finishing your February off strong! Full transparency: the newsletter growth has been SLOW lately… andContinue reading “Baer Necessities Newsletter (2/28/21) – Diving Down the NFT Rabbit Hole”

Why I love Social Media Fasting

I delete social media during the holiday season every year. Here is why I do it, how I do it, and what I’m considering changing for this year.

Embracing Imposter Syndrome

Seth Godin’s newest book says that the best way to become creative is to embrace imposter syndrome and trust the process.


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