Day #7: Morning Routines

My dad is a creature of habit, and it’s been a model for me to follow my entire life.

In fact, I’ve watched both of my parents stick with similar routines for a long time. I know that every Sunday morning my mom will work out and have coffee with all of her coffee friends. But I think my dad takes it to another level of consistency.

Some things that my dad’s done for forever:

  1. He’s played fantasy baseball with the same group of friends since the 1980s (That’s right, they were playing fantasy baseball WITHOUT the internet in the dark age of the 80s. This means they were recording all of their statistics by hand every week. They literally needed to analyze the newspaper every day to be able to track all of their statistics. It’s still insane to me. Thank god for the internet. But I digress.).
  2. He’s been playing poker every Sunday night with his friends since high school.
  3. And he plays racquetball on the same 3 days every single week.

Watching my dad hold these weekly routines my entire life and way beyond (30-40 years you old man!) has given me a sense that I also needed routine. Because I never really had one until college.

At this point, you have probably heard or seen the video on YouTube of the army general teaching you about making your bed every morning. It’s cliche, something that’s made fun of on Twitter. But in my opinion, it works.

At first, I thought this idea was silly. How could making your bed really kick-start your day?

Then, I realized that I needed some sort of morning routine while I was in college. There was so much going on with classes, the fraternity, extracurriculars, exercise and I needed some sort of consistency in my life.

Now at this point, I can’t imagine not doing it. Especially while working from home, I can’t imagine sitting in my room for a majority of the day with an unmade bed. It gives me anxiety just writing about it.

Now, I have incorporated a few other habits into my routine. It keeps me sane.

On the rare days that I don’t have a chance to do my morning routine (usually when traveling), I feel like a chicken running around with its head off . I get to start my day off with a few small wins for myself. It gives me a chance to be mindful and creative. And most importantly, it’s the only time that I can guarantee to have to myself every day. I’m someone who needs time to myself and morning are the perfect time for me to get that time in – before the rest of the world wakes up.

What’s my Morning Routine?

My morning routine is slightly different every day, and it really depends how much time I give myself. After at least 7 hours of sleep (on good nights), I will make my bed. Every single morning, I will do some sort of the following (usually I will just make it to 2-3 of these activities but if I get all of them, that’s a huge win):

  1. Make my bed after around 8 hours of sleep (~1 minute)
  2. Physical exercise such as running, biking, walking, or doing push-ups / pull-ups (between ~5 minutes and 60 minutes)
  3. Half-cold / half-hot shower (~5 minutes)
  4. Meditate (~10 minutes)
  5. Journal (~5 minutes)

Some days I might only get a chance to make my bed. Other days I might be able to hit all 5 of these items. Sometimes I’ll incorporate reading or listening to a podcast first thing in the morning. Other times I won’t. It’s really different every single day. As long as you can hit two-three of these habits, you’re setting yourself up for a good day.

While I wrote these in this specific order (since it’s how I usually do it), I’m still constantly trying out different order of operations. For example, one day I might meditate before I exercise or shower and others I’ll do it afterwards. I still haven’t figured out what works best since it’s extremely subjective on the day. You should do whatever feels best for you. But at the very least, I think you should make your bed.

How have I incorporated writing in my morning routine since starting the 30-Day Blogging Challenge?

The short answer: I haven’t.

I need to learn how to include writing into my routine. Sometimes I find myself writing my posts at night when my mind is not as fresh and it’s not working out well. To help make it easier for me, I planned out each day’s post this week in advance so I’m not scrambling to figure out what I need to write about for that day.

Today, I woke up earlier so that I could fit in an hour of writing (what you’re currently reading) at the end of my routine. I think it’s all about prioritizing and time-management so I’m still testing how I can make this work. Just like any habit, it takes time to get it ingrained in your system. But I’m confident I can get there.

If anyone has any tips for starting a daily writing habit, I’m all ears! Feel free to write in the comments any advice you might have.

Cheers to sustained habits and doing things you love with people you love,


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Thanks for reading this far!

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